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More Snowmageddon Photos

Hide your kids, hide your wife. And hide your husband cuz they’re shovelin’ errbody out there.

And it’s like shoveling water out of a swimming pool, I wanna tell you.

First Snow of the Season

Bring on Snowmageddon….


This is winter about to bite us in the azz again

From WCCO:

After a hiatus for the traditionally-snowy months of March and even April, snow will be making a return to Minnesota Friday night and into Saturday.
WCCO-TV Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said any snow in the Twin Cities would fall after dark on Friday evening. Until then, we can expect a cold rain.
People in the Twin Cities can expect a coating to up to an inch of snow by the time they wake up Saturday morning. Augustyniak said the snow will mostly accumulate in grassy areas, but probably won’t be enough to coat any roadways.
The snow could be a bit heavier in northern and central parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. People in those areas could see 1 to 3 inches of snow, again, mostly in grassy areas, Augustyniak said.

Dear Family:

We are moving to Cabo. That is all.


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Think you have a lot of snow in D.C., Sis? Check out this shiznow. Laurie took these pictures the other day. The drifts in the front yard are as deep as Katie is tall. And we’re getting more snow as we speak. Enjoy your days off, Sis. I know it’s tough to get around Northern Va. these days. Just so you know, we don’t call many snow days ’round here. We have these newfangled things they call “plows.” You use ’em to clear the roads after it snows. Seems to work pretty well. Heh.

D.C. snow? Heh


View out our front window. OK, not really. Originally posted by Emmanuel Boutet

From the Star Tribune, here in snow country:

Time to batten down — again. As much as 14 inches of snow could fall across the Twin Cities and the rest of Minnesota thanks to a storm that begins Sunday and and extends into Tuesday morning.

This is on top of the 3+ feet we’ve had piled in the front yard since November… Guess we’re just trying to keep up with my sister in D.C.

All My Relatives: Wish You Were Here

I can't see a freaking thing! I knew I should have wiped off my windshield! /Photo originally posted on Flickr by woodleywonderworks

From KARE-11 TV:

MINNEAPOLIS — Hellacious might be a good term to describe road conditions across Minnesota Thursday morning and afternoon. ‘Brutal’ would also be fitting.
Between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m the Minnesota State Patrol reported 413 property damage crashes(27 of them rollovers) and 62 personal injury crashes, none of them serious.
Safety officials were not immune to the fender bending, either. At least one State Trooper was hit on I-35 near Forest Lake, and two MnDot snowplows were also struck by commuters.
Troopers responded to 280 vehicles that left the roadway, mostly due to slippery conditions caused by fresh snow on glare ice. A MnDot spokesman called it “the worst winter driving day of the season.”

So we got that going for us … which is nice.

Snow Photos

We didn’t get outside much on Christmas Day, but here are some shots of the snow that we were able to capture between Wii races and meals.

Snowmageddon 2009

And the snow is still falling. That’s OK. No place to go. Just sitting here listening to Tom Waits and wrapping presents while Laurie and the girls race Mario Karts on the big screen.


Isn’t it a bit early to be having a blizzard?

Oh, Hell Nah

This is what I came home to today, after four days of fun and frivolity in Virginia Beach. It was like the opening scene in Fargo…