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Hoar Frost

Whisker frost

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20120204 Hoar Frost, a set on Flickr.

Wicked cool hoar frost when we woke up this morning. Every outside surface seemed to have sprouted white whiskers overnight.

Life on the Mississippi

Downtown St. Paul, as seen from beneath the High Bridge

I spent my lunch hour Monday with a friend strolling along the Mississippi River by the Upper Landing. I decided to shoot some photos with my phone, using the Hipstamatic app. The weather was phenomenal — 83 degrees and sunny, at the beginning of October. We won’t have too many more days like this. Below is a slideshow of a few more of the pictures I snapped.

Dear Family and Friends in Minnesota

We have a lot of white stuff on the ground here on Alligator Point, too. It’s called sand… Drive safely. And drink liberally. See you when your white stuff melts.




And snow it begins

Download now or watch on posterous (20389 KB)

The blizzard has begun. Unfortunately Laurie is driving back from Bemidji State today while the snow piles up.

Snowpocalypse Lite Has Begun

The snow came earlier than predicted today. And it is freezing cold out there. For real. Hug your kids. Hug your wife. And hug your husband, cuz they’re freezin’ errbody out there.

Thanks to for the photo.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I spent most of the day running the snowblower up and down driveways in our neighborhood, despite the sub-zero temps and brisk winds. By the time I came inside, I was covered in snow. Even my eyelashes and eyebrows were caked in ice. The hat in the photo above is actually black, when not snow-encrusted. The snow was between waist and shoulder deep in our yard. And it’s not even winter yet. The snowier months still lie ahead. Wonder if there are any job openings in Florida?

Here’s an Appropriate Song for Today

That’s right, it’s “Winter Wonderland” sung in Ojibwe. It don’t get more Minnesotan than that, ina?

Snowly Sh1t!*

Our deck

Guess I won't be grilling out tonight, since the snow on the deck is a$$-deep

The snow is still piling up outside, 18 hours after the storm started here in the 55124. We stayed inside all day, while the girls made cookies and I shot and edited vids. I hear the roads are bad out there, but thankfully I don’t know that first-hand. I wanted to give a shoutout to the world’s greatest neighbor, Jody Seidl, who used her snowblower on our driveway at least three times during the day (she stars in the video below).

Read more about the storm in The Star Tribune | The Pioneer Press |

* I stole this headline from a Tweet I saw earlier from my buddy Bill Roehl

Yes, Dear, I Shoveled the Driveway

And here’s the proof. You picked a heck of a time to go to Texas. Wish you were here…

I was actually going to just leave the snow and slush and wait for the inevitable melt next week, but Jody and Brandon came over with the snowblower and shamed me into shoveling. Sergei and the kids came out and we got everyone shoveled out on the whole street.

We have great neighbors.