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Jesse and Allie, Beachcombers



The View Out My Window


A little hazy this morning, but that’ll burn off. We’re heading to a high of 81.

Sally Rackliff

The whole family is converging on our beach house for my tacos tonight — I think we’re up to 17 people and two dogs now. This feast’s for you, Grandma Rackliff.

Doing Some Souvenir Shopping

Yes, that's a real alligator paw on the bottle on the left

Scenes from the F.L.A.

First full day at the beach house. Just had a monster spaghetti feed for 17 people, with a side of shrimp. Made my special homemade cocktail sauce in two varieties — regular and atomic. Found a new favorite hot sauce, Iguana brand Radioactive, which added depth and dimension to my cocktail sauce. Tomorrow, more sand, surf, sun and reading for me.