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Some Assembly Required

The grill looks really old in this shot

Inspired by my buddy Sank, author of Cookin wit da Fat Man, I made chicken, onion and pepper kebabs tonight for our last supper at the beach. Chopped a bunch of peppers and sweet onions this morning and then trimmed the chicken. Also cut up a couple of habs and jalapenos for Dave and me. Put the whole shebang on soaked bamboo skewers and marinaded them in a teriyaki sauce of my own concoction. Threw the kebabs on the grill about four and basked in the sun on the deck.

The recipe follows:

STEP ONE: Buy expensive knives

STEP TWO: Cut up a shitload of Bell peppers

STEP THREE: Cut up four or five sweet onions. SWEET onions, y'all

STEP FOUR: Cut up some hot chilies for yourself

STEP FIVE: Cut chicken breasts into honking big hunks

STEP SIX: Put it all on bamboo skewers that you have soaked in water

STEP SEVEN: Marinade the whole shebang. I made up a garlic-teriyaki marinade for ours

The Ford Graveyard

The Ford Graveyard




We stopped on the way home from Wakulla Springs at a place we call the Ford graveyard, dozens of old trucks and cars, abandoned in a roadside field. I was shooting pix of the kids using Hipstamatic. Some really cool shots resulted. More shots in the slideshow below

Our Day at Wakulla Springs


Important safety tips

Jesse and Allie turning some heads. Dad says, “Put some clothes on!”

Nephew David and I in the boat

These were the gators about 100 yards from where David and I jumped into the springs

The kids at Wakulla Springs

Tiring of the endless sun, surf and sand, we traveled 45 minutes north by car to Wakulla Springs this afternoon. There, we swam, took a riverboat ride and jumped off a 25-foot-high platform into the cold waters of the springs below. See more photos in the slideshow below.

Taken at Alligator Point, FL

Another Cool Beachcomber Shot


Jesse and Allie, looking for shells

Dear Family and Friends in Minnesota

We have a lot of white stuff on the ground here on Alligator Point, too. It’s called sand… Drive safely. And drink liberally. See you when your white stuff melts.




How I Spent My Day


Taco feast! We served up tacos with all the trimmings to 17 hungry people for dinner tonight. We also plowed through another 5 pounds of fresh shrimp (thanks, Chris and Hope for peeling them today). Mom Wyant’s brownies closed out the dinner for those who weren’t too stuffed by that point. Great food and great times together.

I really enjoy cooking when I’m on vacation. I travel with my own chef’s knives and the contents of our spice cupboard (no lie).

After supper, most everyone headed over to Mom and Dad’s for a family game night. Chris, Jeni and I stayed at the beach house with Bud the dog and just relaxed. OK, I sat on the deck and smoked a stogie, while marveling at the stars in the night sky over the beach. And updated my blogs and Facebook. And uploaded hundreds of pix to Flickr.

My Favorite Pic of the Trip So Far

David, Allie and Jesse in front of St. George Lighthouse yesterday afternoon.

At the Seafood Shack … Again


The guy at My-Way Seafood said we’d be swimmin’ by the time we got back home. Not sure if he meant because of the looming floods or because we would turn into shrimp from eating so many.

Because of … whut?