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Smoke Dance

This mashup makes me miss all my Haudenosaunee friends back in New York. I love it — especially the part where even Jesus is doing the Smoke Dance. I always knew that guy was part Seneca or something…

Thanks to my friends, Barb Bethmann-Mahooty and Jeanette Miller for posting this. Miss you guys

They Might Be Giants cover Chumbawamba

Rest in Peace, Big Man

Tell Danny that we miss him, Clarence. Thanks for the memories.


Kelley McRae show in Minneapolis

Matt and Kelley perform

We all hopped into the rez car tonight and made the trip to Minneapolis to see up-and-coming singer-songwriter Kelley McRae and husband/guitarist Matt perform at the new Powwow Grounds Coffee/All My Relations Gallery. Kelley and Matt put on a spectacular show, pullings songs from Kelley’s first two albums, as well as showcasing some great new tunes (one so new that Matt had to refer to a handwritten lyrics sheet for his harmony part). The turnout was small, but Kelley and Matt performed as if they were playing to a sold-out arena. Kelley and Matt swapped stories between songs and answered questions from the audience about life on the road. Highlights of the night for me were “The Sparrow,” “Never Be,” “Johnny Cash,” and a rocking version of Lucinda Williams’ “Drunken Angel.” Kelley’s music is reminiscent of Lucinda’s at times — you can definitely hear the influence. I’d have to say after this show that Kelley is one of my favorite live performers. I highly recommend that you check out her music and discover a rising star.

Matt and Kelley are currently on a cross-country VW Camper Van Tour, playing small house shows for fans in cities as they go. I was fortunate enough to land one of the shows and I’m quite glad I did. Thanks to Bob Rice at Powwow Grounds for providing a great venue (and a damn fine cup of joe). And thanks to Kelley and Matt for a night of music I won’t forget.

You can check out Kelley’s music at her web site. Or follow Kelley and Matt’s travels on her Tumblr blog.

Below is a slideshow of some photos from the show.


Jesse’s last band concert


Finally getting around to posting photos from Jesse’s spring concert

How Cute is That?

I love this song. And now I love it even more.

Hat tip to the great local music blog, Minneapolis Fucking Rocks.

Jesse’s Solstice Present

Our little pagan/wiccan-in-training received her winter solstice present today, a new drum set. Laurie set it up and Jesse immediately began to scare the nearby guinea pigs with her mad beats.

Here are some pix of our own Karen Carpenter in action:

Our rhythm section

She's only just begun....

Merry Christmas. You. Are. Welcome.

An instant yuletide classic. The biggest thing to hit Christmas since the No Vacancy sign at the Bethlehem Holiday Inn Express. Without further ado, I give you a video by the greatest band ever: Total Ghost.

Merry Christmas, Winos

Here’s an Appropriate Song for Today

That’s right, it’s “Winter Wonderland” sung in Ojibwe. It don’t get more Minnesotan than that, ina?