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More shots from Green Mill

Katie and her roomies at Green Mill


I think I’m the only guy in the whole freaking place

Katie and her mom


I really like this photo

My girls


Jesse and Katie at Bemidji Lake

Hey, Nineteen!

Our Katie turned 19 today! We have a houseful of teens and are getting ready to take in the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6.5. Pray for us.

I solemnly swear that we are up to no good…

Post-Dentist Hilarity

Here are a couple of vids of the girls after they had their wisdom teeth out earlier this week.

Katie was quite talkative in the recovery room, but what in the heck did she say?

Jesse is zonked out after taking Vicodin. There was no waking her for hours:

Our Katie is Home for the Weekend

And apparently she brought all the snow in Bemidji down with her. Check out the relaxed college girl

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

As you probably know, Halloween holds a special place in the girls’ hearts, especially Jesse. Jesse has prided herself on the creativity of her costumes over the years, setting the bar higher and stretching the creative abilities of her mom and dad as they work with her to turn her (macabre) visions into reality. Laurie has posted a bunch of photos of the girls’ costumes over the years on Shutterfly. Click here for the slideshow for a trip down Memory Lane. Just don’t stop at The House at the End of the Drive.

Bemidji State Family Weekend

Some photos from our fun weekend with Katie at BSU.