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Tron Grit

The Dude abides…

From one of the great comics online, Extralife.

Jesse’s Kind of Hamster

Check out this little rodent, enjoying himself some vegetarian sushi. As they say in Minnesnowta, “Oh, fer cute.”

Hat tip to BuzzFeed


A Saturday Laff to Start Your Weekend

Click me. No, really
A funny cartoon shared by my nephew the rockstar. Caution: Contains
graphic violence and stick figure animation.

Uh, Water…

I’m a Mac…. and You’re a PC

Check out “The Joy of Tech.”

Social Media IRL

C’mon — You have to admit this is the way social media is viewed in a lot of workplaces…


funny gifs - Prepping For Destruction
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Jesse. Must. Eat. Brains. Lulz

From my new favorite comic strip

Ninja Cats


Something you don't see every day in Minnesota

Jesse and Allie wanted to get their picture taken with one of the “Amish Xing” signs that proliferate in Western New York. We tried to find an Amish restaurant for lunch, but the one I remembered from the old days had closed. Instead, we dined on mammoth slices of real New York pizza in downtown Geneva.