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Happy Fourth

At the Zoo


Here are some pix from our traditional Mothers Day visit to the Minnesota Zoo.

What’s So Happy About It?

Merry Christmas Indeed

Ho, freaking ho. Thanks to my buddies at #Maker’s_Mark, this has been a very happy holiday indeed. The giant ice ball maker was a big hit — I’ll never use plain old ice cubes again. Thanks, Maker’s Mark.

Cookie Monsters

Katie, Jesse and Laurie made a million Christmas cookies during last week’s storm of the century. Here is the proof. Now with sound! And in color!

Christmas with the Mooses

The Coulson Times is now online

If you haven’t already, check out our annual Christmas newsletter online. We went green this year and put the whole thing on the web, rather than printing a paper version to stuff in our Christmas cards. Yeah, I know, a likely story. The truth is, like a lot of print publications, we found that the economics just did not justify keeping the print publication alive. We are embracing a new publishing paradigm. Who knows? Maybe next year we’ll just release a Coulson Times app in the iTunes store.

Season’s Greetings, Y’All

A holiday slideshow for friends and family, near and far:

Jesse’s Solstice Present

Our little pagan/wiccan-in-training received her winter solstice present today, a new drum set. Laurie set it up and Jesse immediately began to scare the nearby guinea pigs with her mad beats.

Here are some pix of our own Karen Carpenter in action:

Our rhythm section

She's only just begun....

Merry Xmas. Yes, X mas

Before you post a comment accusing me of taking the Christ out of Christmas, watch this video from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary about the origins of the word, Xmas. Know your history, Christian soldiers:

Besides, Jesus was born in spring. Just sayin’…