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Prom #3

Jesse and Christian went to Eastview High School’s prom this weekend, making that the third prom of the season for those crazy kids. Photos in this set are by Katie, who filled in for her Dad who was on the road like Jack Kerouac. Exactly like Jack Kerouac.

Do you want to know a secret?

This picture was taken right before Maddie exclaimed, “Jesse, that is sooo inappropriate!”

EVHS Homecoming Dance Pictures

Ian reacts as Jesse attempts to pin on his boutonnière

Tonight was Eastview High’s homecoming dance (don’t ask about last night’s homecoming football game — sore subject). All of the kids and their parents met at Farquahar Park in Apple Valley for photos before the kids dashed off for the pre-dance dinner at Applebee’s. After waiting what seemed like hours for Allie’s date to arrive for photos (for the second year in a row), we got everyone assembled and shot some nice photos at the park. A slideshow of the best ones ist at the bottom of this post. The images were posted to Flickr at full size, so feel free to download the original size for printing.

We just got a call from Jesse and she, Allie and Maddie and their dates have left the dance and are gathering at one of the boy’s homes to hang out for a couple of hours, then it’s off to Maddie’s (for the girls) for a sleepover.

Jesse looked stunning in her new dress — I can’t believe how grownup she looks and acts. Makes a father feel both proud and incredibly old. And so it goes…

Jesse’s last band concert


Finally getting around to posting photos from Jesse’s spring concert

Our Scholar

Jesse "The Mind" Coulson

Jesse "The Mind" Coulson with her academic letter

She’s a threat on the lacrosse field as well as in the classroom! Here is Jesse after receiving her academic letter this evening at Eastview High School. She had to have a GPA of 3.666 or better for four consecutive quarters to earn the letter. Even though she is taking all honors classes, she has maintained a GPA that is more than double her dad’s from his freshman year at college. Remarkable. We are very proud of our scholar.

Eastview Homecoming Dance

Jesse and Joey

Jesse and Joey at the park before the dance

Jesse and her date, Joey, joined four other couples for pictures and dinner before the 2010 EVHS Homecoming Dance on Saturday. The original plan was for the 10 young people to eat dinner at Olive Garden while we went down to Applebee’s at the Burnsville Center to have supper with Katie, who was playing chauffeur for her sister, Joey, Allie and Nick. Laurie and I went to Applebee’s to wait for Katie and got a table right away. Unfortunately, the high schoolers weren’t as lucky at the big OG, where there was a 90-minute wait. So they all decided to eat at Applebee’s and were seated at the tables right behind us. Heh! Jesse was none too happy, but made the best of a bad situation (turn around, Dad! be quiet, Katie!) All in all, Jesse pronounced the evening fun. And as you can see from the picture, she was stunningly beautiful in her new dress (note Joey’s matching purple cast — now that’s color coordination). We have all of our pictures posted on Flickr. Click on the slideshow below to see them all.

First Day of High School

A little late posting this pic of our high school freshman, but here it is…

She Did It!

Katie at graduation

Our honors grad

For once, we got pictures posted pretty quickly. Here are scenes from Katie’s Eastview High School graduation tonight, at which I was able to hand her her diploma. I’m still coming down off the high. After I handed her the diploma, we fist bumped, then hugged. I held it together better than I expected — no real tears. Katie helped by making funny faces at me during the ceremony from her seat in the audience.

The rest of the photos are included in the slideshow below. Or click here to go to our Flickr feed and look at all of the sets.

Graduation Night is Here!

Katie the grad

Class of 2010

Tonight is Katie’s big night, graduating with the Class of 2010 at Eastview High School! I can’t believe this day is here already. We’ll be going out to dinner with my dad and stepmom, then over to the ceremony. I get to hand Katie her diploma and speak on behalf of the School Board at the ceremony. I am very honored. Laurie has spent the past 36 hours at the school decorating for the all-night senior party. We haven’t seen much of her these past couple of days. She designed all of the signs and some of the cooler decorations you’ll see in the slideshow below. [SPOILER ALERT: SENIORS, DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS UNTIL AFTER THE PARTY]

If you can’t attend the ceremony tonight (rain is chasing us indoors, so there is limited seating), you can watch it live here at 7 p.m. Central Time.








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Our Money Headin’ to Bemidji

Katie and BSU check

Mo money, mo money, mo money...

This is Katie holding the first of many checks we will be sending to Bemidji State University over the next four years. This one reserves her spot in the freshman class this fall, where she plans to study elementary education. Very exciting times and we couldn’t be prouder. Katie will be a wonderful teacher.

Next step on our college odyssey is advisee and parent weekend at BSU. We’ll be heading up nort’ in a few weeks for parent orientation and a chance for Katie to meet her academic advisor and scope out her new campus. We’ll be posting pix and blogging from the road, so keep an eye out.

Note the special senior class party T-shirt Katie is sporting. Laurie designed the logo for the Eastview High parents who are planning the post-graduation all-night party. Laurie has been very active on the decoration committee with Jeni Terzich, our next-door neighbor.

Another view of T-shirt

Retro is in....