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Not Much to See Here


I will be taking a break from this blog as I concentrate on book-promotion duties for The Creator’s Game.

But, despair not. I will still be updating my Up With the Mooses tumblog regularly. There’s some funny ish there.

I will also be putting fresh content on my Goodreads author page and on my author blog here.

Blah, blah, blah and don’t forget to buy the book. It’s a real page-turner. Well, unless you’re using an e-reader.


We’re Baaaaaaaaack!

After many hours of poring over php code, importing of SQL database backups, reinstalling software and troubleshooting on our servers, I finally discovered the problem that was playing havoc with our blog. Turns out there was a link in the footer, inserted by a @#$%& third party, that was apparently pointing to a closed “get your web hosting here” account. The ugly blue ACCOUNT SUSPENDED error message seemed to take over our whole home page and really messed with my mind. When I first saw the “Account Suspended” message, I thought I was having a problem with our hosting company. But I eventually isolated the problem by trying a different WordPress theme and finding no problems, which pointed me to our long-time theme as the apparent cause of my display problems. Enter our online lord and savior, Google, which led me to a note on the original developers page referencing the bad code and error message. A fresh download and clean install, followed by reinstallation of Laurie’s custom artwork, and all I’ve lost is a day or two of posts with pictures of my pets and the grizzlies at the zoo. I can live with that.

Having a problem with the site

Think it might be related to my host’s upgrade of our MySQL databases. Switched to the generic theme until it is resolved.

This is only a test

I am having some issues with the WordPress-to-Twitter app I’m using so I’m trying a different URL-shortener in the settings. Ignore this post. Come on, I dare you.

UPDATE: Success. It was an issue with, apparently. All better


Fixed the link in the Christmas slide show a few posts down. Sorry about that….