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Prom #3

Jesse and Christian went to Eastview High School’s prom this weekend, making that the third prom of the season for those crazy kids. Photos in this set are by Katie, who filled in for her Dad who was on the road like Jack Kerouac. Exactly like Jack Kerouac.

2013 Mil Ball

Tonight is Prom #2 for the weekend, this time St. Thomas Academy’s Mil Ball. Below are some photos of Jesse and Christian and their friends.


Prom Night

Jesse and her boyfriend, Christian, were off to prom this evening at the Wabasha Street Caves (cool place for a prom. Wonder if they’ll see Batman?)

Below are some photos of Jesse, Christian and their friends at Lebanon Hills Regional Park by our house.


Jesse’s Sweet 16 Extravaganza

They turn the world on with their smiles...

Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 004Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 009Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 010Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 011Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 012Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 013
Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 014Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 015Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 016Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 017Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 018Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 019
Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 020Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 021Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 022Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 023Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 024Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 025
Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 026Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 027Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 028Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 029Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 030Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 031

We took the light rail to downtown Minneapolis with 10 teen girls and shopped and took photos, ending up at the Melting Pot for chocolate fondue (three types of chocolate FTW). Now they are all in the living room, eating junk and playing Just Dance 2 with Katie.

Jesse’s Sweet 16 Birthday

Katie, Jesse and Allie celebrate at The Roasted Pear

Jesse Sweet 16_014Jesse Sweet 16_008Jesse Sweet 16_018Jesse Sweet 16_019Jesse Sweet 16_020Jesse Sweet 16_021
Jesse Sweet 16_022Jesse Sweet 16_023Jesse Sweet 16_024Jesse Sweet 16_025Jesse Sweet 16_026Jesse Sweet 16_027
Jesse Sweet 16_028Jesse Sweet 16_029Jesse Sweet 16_030Jesse Sweet 16_031Jesse Sweet 16_032Jesse Sweet 16_033
Jesse Sweet 16_034Jesse Sweet 16_035Jesse Sweet 16_036Jesse Sweet 16_016Jesse Sweet 16_017Jesse Sweet 16_001

2011 Jesse Birthday, a set on Flickr.

We continue to celebrate Jesse’s Sweet 16 birthday. Opened presents on Tuesday, followed by dinner at Taco Bell (Jesse’s favorite). Then we had a family dinner on Friday at the Roasted Pear in Burnsville. Jesse wanted to wait for Katie to get home from college for her big celebration and also invited our “third daughter,” Allie to dinner. Saturday, we’re taking 10 teens by train to downtown Minneapolis for shopping and chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot, followed by a sleepover.

Do you want to know a secret?

This picture was taken right before Maddie exclaimed, “Jesse, that is sooo inappropriate!”

EVHS Homecoming Dance Pictures

Ian reacts as Jesse attempts to pin on his boutonnière

Tonight was Eastview High’s homecoming dance (don’t ask about last night’s homecoming football game — sore subject). All of the kids and their parents met at Farquahar Park in Apple Valley for photos before the kids dashed off for the pre-dance dinner at Applebee’s. After waiting what seemed like hours for Allie’s date to arrive for photos (for the second year in a row), we got everyone assembled and shot some nice photos at the park. A slideshow of the best ones ist at the bottom of this post. The images were posted to Flickr at full size, so feel free to download the original size for printing.

We just got a call from Jesse and she, Allie and Maddie and their dates have left the dance and are gathering at one of the boy’s homes to hang out for a couple of hours, then it’s off to Maddie’s (for the girls) for a sleepover.

Jesse looked stunning in her new dress — I can’t believe how grownup she looks and acts. Makes a father feel both proud and incredibly old. And so it goes…

Hey, Nineteen!

Our Katie turned 19 today! We have a houseful of teens and are getting ready to take in the midnight showing of Harry Potter 6.5. Pray for us.

I solemnly swear that we are up to no good…

Post-Dentist Hilarity

Here are a couple of vids of the girls after they had their wisdom teeth out earlier this week.

Katie was quite talkative in the recovery room, but what in the heck did she say?

Jesse is zonked out after taking Vicodin. There was no waking her for hours:

Christmas with the Mooses