Jesse’s Sweet 16 Extravaganza

They turn the world on with their smiles...

Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 004Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 009Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 010Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 011Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 012Jesse's Sweet 16 Extravaganza 013
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We took the light rail to downtown Minneapolis with 10 teen girls and shopped and took photos, ending up at the Melting Pot for chocolate fondue (three types of chocolate FTW). Now they are all in the living room, eating junk and playing Just Dance 2 with Katie.

Movember Update

Day 11, Baby

Day 11 of my fund-raising campaign for Movember as part of Team: Minnesota Swarm. The moustache is filling in, although several of the follicles are not yet filled up with pigment.

Thanks to everyone who has given so far. Through your generosity, I have raised $345 $365 for men’s health research and support. Read more about Movember and the organizations it supports here.

If you haven’t yet donated, won’t you consider a small donation to help me reach my goal of $500? You may give online here.

Jesse’s Sweet 16 Birthday

Katie, Jesse and Allie celebrate at The Roasted Pear

Jesse Sweet 16_014Jesse Sweet 16_008Jesse Sweet 16_018Jesse Sweet 16_019Jesse Sweet 16_020Jesse Sweet 16_021
Jesse Sweet 16_022Jesse Sweet 16_023Jesse Sweet 16_024Jesse Sweet 16_025Jesse Sweet 16_026Jesse Sweet 16_027
Jesse Sweet 16_028Jesse Sweet 16_029Jesse Sweet 16_030Jesse Sweet 16_031Jesse Sweet 16_032Jesse Sweet 16_033
Jesse Sweet 16_034Jesse Sweet 16_035Jesse Sweet 16_036Jesse Sweet 16_016Jesse Sweet 16_017Jesse Sweet 16_001

2011 Jesse Birthday, a set on Flickr.

We continue to celebrate Jesse’s Sweet 16 birthday. Opened presents on Tuesday, followed by dinner at Taco Bell (Jesse’s favorite). Then we had a family dinner on Friday at the Roasted Pear in Burnsville. Jesse wanted to wait for Katie to get home from college for her big celebration and also invited our “third daughter,” Allie to dinner. Saturday, we’re taking 10 teens by train to downtown Minneapolis for shopping and chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot, followed by a sleepover.

Mo money, mo money, mo money

Nearing the end of Day 4 in my Movember drive as part of Team Minnesota Swarm to raise funds for men’s health research and support.

I’m more than halfway to my goal of $500, and just $5 shy of $300 at this writing. If you’ve given already, thank you so much. If you haven’t, won’t you consider a donation of just $5 to push me past the $30 mark? Together, we can change the face of men’s health.

Online donations may be made here.

For your Friday enjoyment, I give you this humorous look at moustaches through the ages (should I feel bad that Frida Kahlo’s ‘stache was better than any I’ll ever grow?) Thanks to the folks at, who have their own Movember team.


Movember Fund-Raiser

As you might have already read, I am participating in the Movember fund-raiser for men’s health research and support. For the month of Movember, I am growing a moustache and collecting donations to support prostate cancer research and such organizations as the LiveStrong Foundation.  My goal is to raise $500 — you can donate online here, if you are so inclined.

I am participating in this fund-raiser in honor of some very special men in my life.

My in-laws, Mick and Marge Wyant, with Jesse, Laurie and me in Florida earlier this year

My father-in-law, Mick Wyant, is at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston awaiting treatment for liver cancer. He has been bravely battling the disease for about a year now. He means an awful lot to me and has taught me more about being a standup husband and father than he will probably ever know. He is one of the kindest and most hard-working men I know.

My Uncle Jon and me at my dad's 70th birthday party in 2009

My dad’s kid brother, Jon, passed away earlier this year after a battle with lung cancer. Jon was always my cool uncle: undercover cop; motocross racer; Vietnam vet; owner of a successful gun shop. He was funny, cynical, smart and had a well-honed ability to cut through bullsh1t. I learned a lot from him about the ways of the world, about our family and the strong men who came before me. I also learned that his mother always loved him more than she loved my dad — that’s why she always made him chocolate chip cookies. At least that was Jon’s story. I miss Jon a lot.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit about the men in whose honor I am participating in this fund drive. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Be sure to check back often on my Movember site to track the progress of my moustache (such as it is).

Medicine Warriors videos

Check out this video by the Medicine Warriors youth group at the Division of Indian Work in Minneapolis. The Medicine Warriors (Mashkiki Ogichidaag) program teaches American Indian youth about the traditional uses of tobacco and develops native youth into traditional tobacco advocates. The young people work in the local community in commercial tobacco prevention, cessation and policy work. (Full disclosure: I am on the board at DIW). More videos are available on the DIW YouTube channel here.

This is soooo Minnesota

From today’s Pioneer Press:

In Bemidji, Occupy1stCityOnMississippi has held a couple of demonstrations at a park near the statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.

“We’re a small town. People know each other. We don’t tend to want to get into each other’s faces,” said organizer Luke Whiting.

Having a Bad Day? Watch This

You’re welcome! (Hat Tip to former Norfolk Academy classmate Brint Keyes)

Zombie PSA

Be wise. Shoot between the eyes.

Young Spirit Dancers

Katie in regaliaKatie, Jesse eskanyeh2Katie sweatyKatie on stageKatie on NY ExpeditionsKatie funny face
Katie and Bucky danceGirls piled up outside longhousAllegany & YSD 4Bucky, Katie, Anthony & BriannaAlaina

Young Spirit Dancers, a set on Flickr.

Katie asked me to dig up and post some photos from her days dancing with the Young Spirit Dancers in Rochester, NY. Here are some shots from 1999 and 2000, just before we moved to Minnesota