In Honor of National Pi Day

Damn fine pie

Here is a link to my Damn Fine Sweet Potato Pie recipe. Enjoy! And leave a comment if you give it a try. I lurve this pie soooo much, I’m gaining weight just imagining its silky goodness.

On Duty

Touch the Summit and I will keeel you...

What every self-respecting homeowner needs: A guard cat. In this case, Fluffy, a Norwegian Forest Cat, keeps watch on our Summit Northern Porter while the ribs smoke on the grill. Yes, the Winter That Wasn’t continues…

Hoar Frost

Whisker frost

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20120204 Hoar Frost 720120204 Hoar Frost 820120204 Hoar Frost 920120204 Hoar Frost 10

20120204 Hoar Frost, a set on Flickr.

Wicked cool hoar frost when we woke up this morning. Every outside surface seemed to have sprouted white whiskers overnight.

This Never Happens When I Do the Laundry


Greatest Lacrosse Shot. Evah.

Check out buzzer beater, full-court shot by team captain @suits20 in last night’s Swarm home-opener. Suck it, Bandits. Cheap shots and sucker punches don’t make you guys winners.

Don’t Mess with the Minnesota Swarm

Minnesota Swarm 2012

Swarm Home Opener 004Swarm Home Opener 005Swarm Home Opener 012Swarm Home Opener 013Swarm Home Opener 014Swarm Home Opener 015
Swarm Home Opener 001Swarm Home Opener 006Swarm Home Opener 003Swarm Home Opener 007Swarm Home Opener 009Swarm Home Opener 010
Swarm Home Opener 011Swarm Home Opener 002Swarm Home Opener 008

Minnesota Swarm 2012, a set on Flickr.

Katie, Jesse and I made our way to the Xcel Center tonight to watch the Minnesota Swarm take on the Buffalo Bandits. And to rep the Cherokee Nation for Native American Heritage Night with the Swarm.

This had to be one of the best lax games I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of lacrosse games over the years. Highlights of the night were captain Andrew Suitor’s full-court shot at the buzzer to score a goal in an empty Buffalo net, as well as the phenomenal play of rookie goalie Tyler Carlson.

Final score was 19-11 Minnesota, for the first home victory over the Bandits in franchise history.

An inspiring and empowering video

Kids from Pine Ridge the Rosebud teamed up to create a video response to ABC’s depressing and monochromatic “Children of the Plains.” As the kids say much more eloquently than I, we are more than poverty. Much, much more.

Vote for My Mentee!

As many of you know, I spent some time in early October at a conference sponsored by Unity: Journalists of Color. The NewU program pairs up old guys like me with smart, talented entrepreneurs who are making things happen on the new frontier of media. I was fortunate to be paired up with Yvonne Leow, founder of the storytelling/fund-raising site Noowah.

At the end of our conference, Yvonne and her classmates recorded 1 minute video pitches and are now competing for $10,000 in startup cash. (Read Yvonne’s post about the competition here). I particularly liked Yvonne’s marriage of compelling stories and raising funds for good causes and smaller non-profits. If you have a moment, won’t you do me a solid and watch Yvonne’s pitch and cast a vote for her? Feel free to watch all of the pitches and vote for the ones that you believe have the best chance at success.You can vote for one pitch from each of the affiliate groups per day.

All of these NewU entrepreneurs are blazing new trails in media. I can’t wait to see where they are taking us.

Mr. Sulu, Ambassador of Peace

This makes me feel all sparkly…