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Where I Spent My Day

Donovan McNabb lines up to throw me a pass. I didn't catch it

Defensive End Jared Allen watches 7-on-7 scrimmage at training camp on Wednesday

We bused a group of north metro political and business leaders to Mankato this morning for a meeting with Vikings owner Zygi Wilf and Vice President Lester Bagley. We had the opportunity to watch the morning practice from the sidelines with the owner, then participated in a quick press conference about the new stadium in Arden Hills, before we retired to the players’ dining hall for lunch with the team. All in all a great day for our project and a chance to answer questions for a group of local partners who will help ensure the development’s success.

We had a chance to chat with head coach Leslie Frazier and several players, including defensive end Jared Allen, QB Christian Ponder, kicker Ryan Longwell, wide receiver Percy Harvin and linebacker E.J. Henderson. Jared Allen had the quote of the day, when talking with Ramsey County Commissioners Tony Bennett and Rafael Ortega about the new Arden Hills stadium. He said, “Let’s get it built before I have to retire.”

Here are some more pictures from our visit to Mankato:


Filming at 911 Center

My colleague, Sarah, and I spent a couple of days last week filming at the Ramsey County Emergency Communications Center for a series of videos we’ll be posting for Telecommunicators Week in April. (Yes, there is such a thing. No need to buy me a card or present. The vids will be live on the Ramsey County YouTube channel later this week — just as soon as I finish editing them…

Look, Ma, I’m on the TeeVee

Here is an interview I did Monday on ThisWeekLive—The Show, with Jeff Achen of This Week Newspapers. Topics included growth of social media, my work with nonprofits, my service on the school board and other scintillating issues. I know only Bill Roehl will make it to the end (to see if I said anything about or his mad Mario Karts skills).

So what do you think? Were my answers really as rambling as they sound to me? Did the video add 10 pounds to my weight (or was it more like 25)? Should This Week continue the show after Jeff’s departure, or did my appearance take away your appetite for such local public affairs programming?

Welcome, Anarchists

This was the scene outside my office today after the anti-war march at the Republican National Convention turned a bit ugly. “Ohio” from CSN&Y kept running through my mind as I watched the National Guard guys put on their gas masks and grab their riot shields. They were actually standing three deep in the photo above to keep the protesters from advancing down the street a block to the convention site. I got a pretty good whiff of pepper spray as the cops and National Guard sprayed a steady stream of the stuff to disperse the crowd. I’ll tell you: It’s not as good without the tacos….

After some minor damage, a few skirmishes and temporary blocking of streets, the excitement settled down about 9 this evening. I’ll bring you more tomorrow, if we have any more mayhem to report.

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New Scooter, Part Deux

Well, the scooter Art bought a couple of months ago was a bit too small to make the daily commute into St. Paul, so he bought a bigger one (a 200 cc bike). That’s Art above, astride his new blue Vespa Granturismo. It scoots right along and has cut about 15 minutes off Art’s commute time. He still parks it right on the sidewalk outside his office door. So far, he’s getting 73 mpg. Not bad. He has to fill up every two weeks, which costs him about 7 bucks. Beats the $60 a week he was spending in the car. Now, if he can just shake the urge to shout “Ciao, bella!” at all the pretty girls he passes….

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In Case You Hadn’t Heard

I left the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Friday. I’m looking for a new job in the Twin Cities and hope to have news on that front fairly soon. Here is a link to my last column in the Pioneer Press. Read it fast — who knows how long the link will be good…

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