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Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized…


A fine, dark Brazilian cigar, chicken and pepper kebabs and warm afternoon sun. Ahhhhh

Who Says I Never Smile in Photos?


Why am I smiling? I’m on a boat!

The Leap

Nephew Dave and I step off the platform and jump into Oblivion. Or Wakulla Springs, actually. There were two gators about a hundred yards across the springs, one of them about 10 feet long. They were eating a deer that they had dragged into the water and drowned. So they weren’t really interested in us. We told ourselves.


Under Attack


The ‘Hood


I See What You Did There


Native Medicine

Here’s what I’m heading out into this morning. Minus 26 without the windchill — it’s warmed up from -29 when Laurie drove Jesse to school at 7. Florida, here I come. It’s time to retire

Art Hard at Work

Here I am at the groundbreaking of the Union Depot reconstruction project. No, they would not let me drive the bulldozer — I was just there to shoot videos and photos. And, for all of y’all who say I never smile in photos, I say ha!

If all creationists were this funny…

I’d be more willing to listen to them. OK, no I wouldn’t. But at least I’d be more apt to enjoy their torturous explanations of “intelligent design” and how it is not a religious concept …