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Young Spirit Dancers

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Young Spirit Dancers, a set on Flickr.

Katie asked me to dig up and post some photos from her days dancing with the Young Spirit Dancers in Rochester, NY. Here are some shots from 1999 and 2000, just before we moved to Minnesota

My Cat is a Gadget Head



Satellite remote. Check.
DVD remote. Check.
Wii remote. Check.
iPhone. Check.
Opposable thumbs. Sh1t.

Another view of the herb garden

Dinner-BW 005 by upwiththemooses
Dinner-BW 005, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

I’m posting this to test the integration of WordPress and Facebook using a plugin I just configured. Let’s see how it works…

Corn Soaking

Dinner-Color002 by upwiththemooses
Dinner-Color002, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

Some sweet corn soaking in water. I’ll be throwing them on the grill when the ribs are just about done. I love roast corn.

Caprese Salad

Dinner-Color001 by upwiththemooses
Dinner-Color001, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

Heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, cukes, herbs from the garden and some Italian dressing. I can’t wait to eat this

My Portable Herb Garden

Dinner-Color011 by upwiththemooses
Dinner-Color011, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

Just the basics near the grill and just outside the kitchen door. Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Parsley and Garlic Chives. I have several more herb pots outside the front door, including mixed Mint, Thai Basil, Chives, Thyme and Curry Plant.

Star of the show

Dinner-Color004 by upwiththemooses
Dinner-Color004, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

The pig ribs will be the star of tonight’s dinner, after smoking for 3-4 hours. I like this picture, captured on my phone using Hipstamatic (Big Up film; Watts lens; Berry Pop flash)

Smokin’ the Pig

Smokin' the Pig by upwiththemooses
Smokin’ the Pig, a photo by upwiththemooses on Flickr.

The spare ribs are on the smoker over bourbon-soaked hickory chunks. Even when the girls are out of town, a boy’s gotta eat, amirite?

Mischief Managed

We took in the midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. I’d have to say that I consider this movie Katie’s birthday present to us. We have now seen all seven Potter movies on opening night as a family. We have watched the Hogwarts kids grow up as we watched our own girls grow up. I feel almost like an empty-nester now that Laurie and I have watched the closing credits on the final installment in the series. And what a great wrap-up it was. If you haven’t already seen DH2, you should. Tons of action, humor and great acting throughout. You won’t be disappointed. Well, that is until you realize that there won’t be a seventh book or eighth movie.