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Minnesota Swarm Drop a Close One in OT

We had a great time at the Minnesota Swarm game last night (the photos above were taken from our primo seats on the glass at midfield). It was American Indian Heritage Night, so we got a chance to visit with friends from the local Indian community, watch an exhibition of the traditional game by the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin at halftime, and enjoy traditional songs and dances. Thanks to the Swarm for recognizing the roots of the game in American Indian tradition and celebrating the origins of the Creator’s Game with respect.

The Swarm played a tough game against the Mammoth, but lost in sudden death overtime. It was a tough loss, but I thought the team played well most of the night. I expect great things from the Swarm this season, especially with the addition of former Dukie Zack “Section 88” Greer to the roster. You can’t go wrong with a Blue Devil on the team!

Swarm lose a heartbreaker

Yes, that's us in our primo seats on the glass

Yes, that's us in our primo seats on the glass

Well, the Swarm dropped another one at the X tonight. For a while there, it looked like they would pull it out, despite trailing most of the game. Inconsistent play and trouble in goal denied the Swarm a much-needed victory. I was happy to see a physical game with a lot of checking and stick play, but no fights. That’s the game as it was intended to be played. Better luck next week, guys. We’re looking forward to spending some time with Travis Hill and Coach Jacobs for American Indian Night next Saturday. Howa!

Swarm Lose a Close One

Katie and Jesse load up on food before the game in the Fishing Lodge at Xcel Center

Katie and Jesse load up on food before the game in the Fishing Lodge at Xcel Center

Player of the game, goalie Kevin Croswell, came in early in the first with a 5-0 deficit and played solid defense the rest of the game

Player of the game, goalie Kevin Croswell, came in early in the first with a 5-0 deficit and played solid defense the rest of the game

The Performance Team ... Oh, yeah. What more can I say?

The Bud Light Swarm Performance Team ... Oh, yeah. What more can I say?

Swarm it up!


Jesse sporting Swarm face paint and Travis Hill's number 47

The girls and I made our way to St. Paul Saturday night for the second home game of the 2009 season. Have I mentioned already that I love our seats this year (on the glass, next to the home penalty box)?

The Swarm got off to a rough start against the defending champion Buffalo Bandits, spotting the visitors a 5-0 lead before a first-quarter goalie change. I knew we were in trouble when team owner John Arlotta pointed out to me Friday that Buffalo has nine American Indian players to our two (we have more than that on the roster, but only suited up two American Indians against Buffalo, not including Coach Duane Jacobs, a hall of fame player from Six Nations). I haven’t made a scientific study of this, but it seems to me that the team that fielded the most Indians in any National Lacrosse League game I’ve attended has prevailed. I attribute this to the fact that we invented the game and many of our young men have been playing anetsodi since they could walk and hold a stick. Maybe I can persuade those guys at Freakonomics to do a study of this phenomenon.

I was meeting with John and some of his front office staff earlier in the week to discuss ways for the Swarm to get more involved in the local American Indian community. The Swarm offered free tickets to anyone in the American Indian community who wanted to attend Saturday’s game and I helped get the word out. The team also plans an American Indian night later in the season and wants to offer clinics and culturally-specific lessons for students in local Indian Education Programs. I appreciate what the team is trying to do in our community.

On the way into the game, the girls and I stopped by the line outside the Wilkins Auditorium to say hi to @LazyLightning and his better half, waiting to get in to the Minnesota Rollergirls roller derby match. There was quite a line to get in and @LazyLightning was at the front. Let someone try to cut in front of him!

Then the girls and I hit the Fishing Lodge for some free beverages and some tasty snacks before the game. Once we made our way to our seats, the fellows from the NLL who sit in the booth near us gave both girls game balls to have autographed later.

The Swarm fought back from their 5-0 deficit and tied the game up near the end, but ultimately lost by a goal, 10-9. Not bad, considering the Bandits had crushed the Rochester Knighthawks 23-6 the week before.

We’re looking forward to the Feb. 7 game against the Colorado Mammoth, when Jesse will probably be down on the field during player introductions. She is very excited!

Swarm It Up!!!

In honor of the home opener this evening, I post a couple of pictures, the first old-school anetsodi and the second the modern game. Go Swarm!


anetsodi, Cherokee style

Swarm playing modern box lacrosse

Swarm playing modern box lacrosse

Remember: If you can’t be at tonight’s game, you can watch it live for free on Swarm Vision Live.

Swarm Win!

Swarm lead West Division with 1-0 record

Swarm lead West Division with 1-0 record

11-7 is the final. The Swarm effort was led by Kevin Ross with three goals. Sean Pollock scores two and adds five assists. Croswell, after a rough start, finishes strong. After starting the game with three straight Lumberjax goals and falling behind 5-2, the Swarm fired back and scored five unanswered goals and dominated on rebounds and power plays. Nice game. A lot of players with goals.

All Swarm games will be webcast for free this year on  Swarm Vision Live. The channel broadcasts lacrosse games, interviews and features 24/7, in addition to all of the Swarm games live. Check it out when you’re trying to look busy at work.

Swarm it up!

Jax Get One

Jax finally score on a blooper over Croswell’s shoulder. 11-7


Kevin Ross fakes out the D and shoots one past Disher.

Make that 10-6

Thank you, Chad Culp. His first shot of the season found the net.

Update: Swarm Up 9-6

Ward just rocketed one into the net past Disher to start the 4th period. w00t!

Swarm Season Begins on the Road

6708The Minnesota Swarm open their season in Portland tonight against the spelling-challenged Lumberjax. So far, in the third quarter, the Swarm are up 8-6. Both teams look a little rocky, but that’s to be expected for the first game of the season.I’m watching the game online, using Laurie’s 30-inch Apple Cinema Display. Niiiiice.

A lot of new faces on the field for the Swarm, plus Croswell in the net instead of Nick Patterson, so it’s like watching the B squad in some ways. One plus: We get to see former Swarm goalie (and one-time favorite player of Jesse’s) Matt Disher in action again — he’s in the net for the Jax.

Looking forward to the home opener a week from tonight and the first game in our new seats on the glass at midfield. We also got four free tickets — the seats right behind ours — as a season-ticket-holder bonus and offered them to our neighbors, the Terzichs, who are also big Swarm fans. Should be a rockin’ time at the X on Saturday. Go Swarm!