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Prairie Island Powwow

Jesse and I made a father-daughter excursion to the Prairie Island Wacipi this afternoon. It was about 90 degrees and muggy — I guess you could call it Oklahoma fall weather. We only saw one person we knew, Mike Forcia, owner of the Wolves Den Cafe and creator of the world’s greatest frybread. We had a good time sampling frybread, watching the dancers and shopping at the booths. On the way home, we stopped by a landscape company on Highway 50 that has massive statues in front, including a 30-foot-tall guy in his boxer shorts, or, as we call him, Jesse’s new boyfriend. Below are some photos I snapped with my phone.

Jesse’s last band concert


Finally getting around to posting photos from Jesse’s spring concert

Our Scholar

Jesse "The Mind" Coulson

Jesse "The Mind" Coulson with her academic letter

She’s a threat on the lacrosse field as well as in the classroom! Here is Jesse after receiving her academic letter this evening at Eastview High School. She had to have a GPA of 3.666 or better for four consecutive quarters to earn the letter. Even though she is taking all honors classes, she has maintained a GPA that is more than double her dad’s from his freshman year at college. Remarkable. We are very proud of our scholar.

Post-Dentist Hilarity

Here are a couple of vids of the girls after they had their wisdom teeth out earlier this week.

Katie was quite talkative in the recovery room, but what in the heck did she say?

Jesse is zonked out after taking Vicodin. There was no waking her for hours:

I Am Not a Crook, 2011 Style

Jesse poses after having her wisdom teeth removed

The original

Jesse’s Solstice Present

Our little pagan/wiccan-in-training received her winter solstice present today, a new drum set. Laurie set it up and Jesse immediately began to scare the nearby guinea pigs with her mad beats.

Here are some pix of our own Karen Carpenter in action:

Our rhythm section

She's only just begun....

The Birthday Haul

Books. A Sims 3 expansion pack (now with vampires!). Urban Decay makeup. Earrings. A "To Write Love on Her Arms" T-shirt. And, yes, a Chia pet. Quite the haul, there, Jesse. Happy 15th birthday.

Nice Hat

Go Eastview Lightning. Maybe Jesse will actually wear this one when the thermometer plunges below zero.

That’s My Girl!

Jesse *loved* the book on serial killers that we got her for her birthday. The acorn didn't fall too far from that tree.

Birthday Presents

We let Jesse open her birthday presents a day early — not because we’re nice parents, but because we didn’t want to get up before she leaves for school at 6:45 in the morning. Happy birthday, Jesse.