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Mr. Sulu, Ambassador of Peace

This makes me feel all sparkly…

Having a Bad Day? Watch This

You’re welcome! (Hat Tip to former Norfolk Academy classmate Brint Keyes)

Smoke Dance

This mashup makes me miss all my Haudenosaunee friends back in New York. I love it — especially the part where even Jesus is doing the Smoke Dance. I always knew that guy was part Seneca or something…

Thanks to my friends, Barb Bethmann-Mahooty and Jeanette Miller for posting this. Miss you guys

I love how in the top 10 list, they single out vegetarians…


How long could you survive after punching a bear in the balls?

A perfect narrator for the perfect bedtime story …. You know what they call a lullaby in France?

Heart-warming movie of the day

Tune for Two (2011) from alfa primo on Vimeo.

You’re welcome. Hey, it’s a musical!

(Hat tip to err,

Not again…

This One’s For Jesse

I Am Not a Crook, 2011 Style

Jesse poses after having her wisdom teeth removed

The original