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Cool Sunset Out There


After the storms…

Driving home from the Swarm game tonight (clinched a playoff spot, baby!), Jesse and I saw a small animal running up the road toward us in our neighborhood. I stopped the car and it stopped right alongside us. We had no idea what it was — too fat for a possum; too small for a porcupine; running too awkwardly to be a cat. Jesse hopped out and approached it. Then she started laughing — it was a small beaver! Never saw one of them trotting on asphalt before. Jesse wanted to bring it home to “save” it, but I vetoed that idea. But I did laugh all the rest of the way home as Jesse and I jabbered about the oddest animal we had seen in our neighborhood.

Christmas with the Mooses

Art, the Early Years

Here are some photos, originally posted by my Uncle Jack and cousin Jason, taken of my family when we were living in southern California back in the day. Note the spiffy haircuts. None of that Mad Men slicky look for us.

Vegging Out

Summer bounty
Summer bounty

Four different kinds of tomatoes, cukes, chocolate bell peppers, cayenne peppers and habs from our garden. Picked a basketful in just 5 minutes.

Cherokee Classes About to Start

Ed Fields and me in 2006, when I was in Oklahoma on business

Ed Fields and me in 2006, when I was in Oklahoma on business

Got an email this weekend from my Cherokee language teacher, Ed Fields. Always great to hear from him. Ed has taught online Cherokee classes for the nation’s cultural resources department for the past few years. I’ve completed Cherokee 1, 2 and 3 (several times each) and really enjoy Mr. Ed’s patience and humor. I’ve learned a lot — I’m not fluent, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can understand enough to get the gist of the Cherokee radio broadcasts available on iTunes and to carry on a basic conversation. Wado, Mr. Ed.

I’m signed up to take Cherokee 3 again this season (classes start the week of Jan. 12). Jesse and I will also take Cherokee 1 using the online lesson archives. This is in addition to the Lakota and Ojibwe classes we will be taking starting next weekend through the American Indian Education Program in our school district. We’ll have our own Tower of Babel when we’re done.

You Call That a Polar Bear Plunge?

I'll show you a polar plunge, whale blubber boy

I'll show you a polar plunge, whale blubber boy

From News 8 in Austin, Texas:

The Polar Plunge is an annual tradition at Barton Springs Pool.  For some, New Year’s Day means making resolutions, watching parades or catching up on sleep they didn’t get the night before. But others were ready to plunge into 2009. Hundreds of Central Texans took a dip in Barton Springs Pool for the annual Polar Plunge. … The water remains about 70 degrees year-round. But, some kids were still a bit hesitant to take the plunge. “It’s pretty much hard and it really gets me tired,” young participant Andrew Smith said.

Note to our family and friends in Texas: If the water is 70 degrees year-round, that bear ain’t white…. Let us show you how we do it in Minnesota (note use of the royal “we”):

How we do it in Minnesota

Now that's cold water....

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

Absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever done,” says Nam Nguyen, of Apple Valley, who climbs out of Lake Minnetonka on an ice-encrusted ladder Thursday during the 19th annual On It & In It Lake Minnetonka Ice Dive in Excelsior, Minnesota. With morning temperatures in the teens, more than 900 brave souls — a world record, according to organizers — plunged into the icy waters to greet the new year and raise money for the American Lung Association.

Laab gai — It's tha (flavor) bomb

Laab gai — It's tha (flavor) bomb

Here’s what I’ll be having for supper tonight, if all goes according to plan. It’s called laab gai and it’s a spicy chicken and chili pepper dish from Thailand. The best laab gai I’ve ever tried comes from Taste of Thaiyai in Apple Valley, but I think I’ll be making my own this evening so I can keep my nose to the grindstone here at home. It’s pretty easy to make and great for the dieter, if you skip the sticky rice they normally serve with the dish. I’ll be having mine with a green salad.

If you want unbiased reviews of dining south of the river, check out Bill Roehl’s Lazy Lightning blog, which focuses on news and happenings in Apple Valley, Eagan, Rosemount and Burnsville. I don’t think Bill has been to Taste of Thaiyai yet, but I’ve taken his advice on a few other restaurants and have not been led astray.

What We’re Up to Today

The Scooby Gang

The Scooby Gang

The girls have a friend over this morning and they’re hunkered down in the home theater downstairs watching a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon on the big screen. It’s turning into a real estro-fest with German chocolates (Sarah brought them from — who’d’ve guessed it? — Germany), popcorn, diet soda and no boys. Heck, even the pets curled up on the couches are females.

I, on the other hand, will be working on a newsletter project and trying to keep enough coffee brewed to get me through the day. I’ve been slacking off over Christmas — on work, not coffee — and I’m afraid a whole bunch of these projects are going to collide sometime over the next several weeks. I’d better get a jump on something, even if it’s the wrong thing, as our president always says. That’s the current prez, not the incoming one…

Art hard at work on a newsletter project

Art hard at work on a newsletter project


Ahhhhhh. I am such a n00b at Metroid on the Wii. I couldn’t get past the first boss (but, in my defense, he was an evil mutha). I finally got tired of dying, so I put the Wii away and came back to the office to work. Hah!