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Merry Christmas. You. Are. Welcome.

An instant yuletide classic. The biggest thing to hit Christmas since the No Vacancy sign at the Bethlehem Holiday Inn Express. Without further ado, I give you a video by the greatest band ever: Total Ghost.

Merry Christmas, Winos

Here’s an Appropriate Song for Today

That’s right, it’s “Winter Wonderland” sung in Ojibwe. It don’t get more Minnesotan than that, ina?

Happy Hannukah, Amigos

A little traditional holiday reggae for ya.

Happy Hell-o-ween!

I decided to carve a monster from my youth, Charles Manson

Laurie went with The Joker

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

As you probably know, Halloween holds a special place in the girls’ hearts, especially Jesse. Jesse has prided herself on the creativity of her costumes over the years, setting the bar higher and stretching the creative abilities of her mom and dad as they work with her to turn her (macabre) visions into reality. Laurie has posted a bunch of photos of the girls’ costumes over the years on Shutterfly. Click here for the slideshow for a trip down Memory Lane. Just don’t stop at The House at the End of the Drive.

All I Want for Christmas

Photo courtesy of Nerf

Photo courtesy of Nerf

The N-Strike Stampede Blaster, the first fully automatic dart gun, is just what I need to survive the zombie apocalypse. See it in action here. Coooool.

More scenes from Christmas Day. We would have taken more photos, but we were shoveling snow, eating, playing Mario Karts, eating, watching Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince on Blu Ray and eating.

Ugliest. Elf. Ever.


Christmas Makeovers

The girls got a bunch of makeup in their stockings today and had fun giving each other makeovers. I laughed until they threatened to give me a makeover. Now I cower in fear back in the office.