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Michael and Cindy Tie the Knot

Our nephew Michael married Cindy over the weekend July 29 in Winona. The happy couple planned the whole ceremony and threw a nice party afterwards (which apparently went all night, according to some reports…)

The girls each brought a friend and had fun dancing at the reception. They even dragged their father out on the dance floor at one point.

Best part of the night: Young love.

Worst part of the night: Eating at TGIFridays during the 2.5-hour drive home.

Here are some more pix from the big day:


BFFs at the Drive-In


At the Zoo


Here are some pix from our traditional Mothers Day visit to the Minnesota Zoo.

We gathered at the Ochlockonee Bay Volunteer Fire Department this evening to celebrate Laurie’s Uncle Dave and Aunt Bev’s 50th anniversary. My brother-in-law Dave smoked a whole beef shoulder roast and we feasted. Lots of fun taking photos and eating good food. Here are some of the family pictures we posed for.

How I Spent My Day


Taco feast! We served up tacos with all the trimmings to 17 hungry people for dinner tonight. We also plowed through another 5 pounds of fresh shrimp (thanks, Chris and Hope for peeling them today). Mom Wyant’s brownies closed out the dinner for those who weren’t too stuffed by that point. Great food and great times together.

I really enjoy cooking when I’m on vacation. I travel with my own chef’s knives and the contents of our spice cupboard (no lie).

After supper, most everyone headed over to Mom and Dad’s for a family game night. Chris, Jeni and I stayed at the beach house with Bud the dog and just relaxed. OK, I sat on the deck and smoked a stogie, while marveling at the stars in the night sky over the beach. And updated my blogs and Facebook. And uploaded hundreds of pix to Flickr.

A Blast From the Past

My god, what is up with those shorts? And that haircut? Outside our house at 17 Robinson Street in Houlton, Maine, around 1971. That’s mom, me, Sally, Grandma Rackliff, Jim and Grandpa Rackliff.

Cookie Monsters

Katie, Jesse and Laurie made a million Christmas cookies during last week’s storm of the century. Here is the proof. Now with sound! And in color!

Christmas with the Mooses

The Coulson Times is now online

If you haven’t already, check out our annual Christmas newsletter online. We went green this year and put the whole thing on the web, rather than printing a paper version to stuff in our Christmas cards. Yeah, I know, a likely story. The truth is, like a lot of print publications, we found that the economics just did not justify keeping the print publication alive. We are embracing a new publishing paradigm. Who knows? Maybe next year we’ll just release a Coulson Times app in the iTunes store.

Season’s Greetings, Y’All

A holiday slideshow for friends and family, near and far: