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More Disney Pix

What? More pictures from your danged vacation? Haven’t we seen enough already?

No. Now STFU and enjoy. At least I’m not making you sit in our living room watching a slide show. Sheesh

Wondering Where the Lions Are?

We got up at the crack of dawn on Wednesday to get to Disney’s Animal Kingdom before it opened to the public (one of the perks of staying on the property). We all wanted to take the safari and see some animals when they might be at their most active (before it got blazing hot later in the day). Here is a photo set from the safari.

Disney Pix

Finally getting around to posting some pix from our trip to Walt Disney World last week (for those of you who weren’t following all of the frivolity on Twitter and Facebook). Here is a slideshow of the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle at the Magic Kingdom. Truly amazing display every night.