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Season’s Greetings, Y’All

A holiday slideshow for friends and family, near and far:

Birthday Presents

We let Jesse open her birthday presents a day early — not because we’re nice parents, but because we didn’t want to get up before she leaves for school at 6:45 in the morning. Happy birthday, Jesse.

Getting into the Halloween Spirit

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

Katie Katt and Snoop Jesse Dogg

As you probably know, Halloween holds a special place in the girls’ hearts, especially Jesse. Jesse has prided herself on the creativity of her costumes over the years, setting the bar higher and stretching the creative abilities of her mom and dad as they work with her to turn her (macabre) visions into reality. Laurie has posted a bunch of photos of the girls’ costumes over the years on Shutterfly. Click here for the slideshow for a trip down Memory Lane. Just don’t stop at The House at the End of the Drive.

Eastview Homecoming Dance

Jesse and Joey

Jesse and Joey at the park before the dance

Jesse and her date, Joey, joined four other couples for pictures and dinner before the 2010 EVHS Homecoming Dance on Saturday. The original plan was for the 10 young people to eat dinner at Olive Garden while we went down to Applebee’s at the Burnsville Center to have supper with Katie, who was playing chauffeur for her sister, Joey, Allie and Nick. Laurie and I went to Applebee’s to wait for Katie and got a table right away. Unfortunately, the high schoolers weren’t as lucky at the big OG, where there was a 90-minute wait. So they all decided to eat at Applebee’s and were seated at the tables right behind us. Heh! Jesse was none too happy, but made the best of a bad situation (turn around, Dad! be quiet, Katie!) All in all, Jesse pronounced the evening fun. And as you can see from the picture, she was stunningly beautiful in her new dress (note Joey’s matching purple cast — now that’s color coordination). We have all of our pictures posted on Flickr. Click on the slideshow below to see them all.

My Girls

Katie the graduate and little sister, Jesse

Katie the graduate and little sister, Jesse

Katie got her cap and gown the other day, so we took the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures (check out the graduation photo set on Flickr here. We’ll be adding to it, so check back often). She got her Honors sash yesterday — we’ll have to snap some new photos with that on soon. Graduation for the Class of 2010 at Eastview High School is June 5. If you can’t be there, you can watch it live online at

More scenes from Christmas Day. We would have taken more photos, but we were shoveling snow, eating, playing Mario Karts, eating, watching Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince on Blu Ray and eating.

Apple Valley Ninja

Jesse tests out her Ninja Reflexes on the Wii.

Drop the Corsage and Nobody Gets Hurt


Here’s a Homecoming Dance photo you don’t see every day. This is a shot of Katie and her friends at laser tag — still in their gowns — after Eastview High School’s Homecoming Dance Saturday night. I’m pretty sure Jesse Ventura just let out a high-pitched squeal and piddled a little in his Navy Seal boots looking at this picture. Nice job, ladies. By the way, the president is on the line. He has a mission for you. This blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds…

Here is a slide show of Katie and her friends (and family) before the big dance tonight.

The Girls

Sisters forever

Sisters forever

As promised, here is a picture of Katie and Jesse before Katie’s Homecoming dance. Jesse wanted me to point out that she is all made-up because she and Allie were in the middle of a “weird makeover” downstairs when I called her up for pictures. Right.