Mom and grandma

I dreamed that my mom walked into my bedroom last night and shouted my name. She yelled, “Rodney!” (my middle name, which members of my family still call me). It startled me and I sat up in bed, staring at the door where she stood, even though I knew she had passed 18 years ago last month. I could see her plain as day, wearing a white blouse and dark slacks. She stood just inside our door, looking at me intently, and shouted my full name, as if she were trying to get my attention. Then I couldn’t see her anymore. My heart was beating too fast from being startled from a sound sleep. Then I lay back down, wiped my eyes and tried to fall back to sleep. I wonder what she wanted to tell me. It seemed important. I’m sure I will find out one day, when I can ask her in person.