Ian reacts as Jesse attempts to pin on his boutonnière

Tonight was Eastview High’s homecoming dance (don’t ask about last night’s homecoming football game — sore subject). All of the kids and their parents met at Farquahar Park in Apple Valley for photos before the kids dashed off for the pre-dance dinner at Applebee’s. After waiting what seemed like hours for Allie’s date to arrive for photos (for the second year in a row), we got everyone assembled and shot some nice photos at the park. A slideshow of the best ones ist at the bottom of this post. The images were posted to Flickr at full size, so feel free to download the original size for printing.

We just got a call from Jesse and she, Allie and Maddie and their dates have left the dance and are gathering at one of the boy’s homes to hang out for a couple of hours, then it’s off to Maddie’s (for the girls) for a sleepover.

Jesse looked stunning in her new dress — I can’t believe how grownup she looks and acts. Makes a father feel both proud and incredibly old. And so it goes…