The grill looks really old in this shot

Inspired by my buddy Sank, author of Cookin wit da Fat Man, I made chicken, onion and pepper kebabs tonight for our last supper at the beach. Chopped a bunch of peppers and sweet onions this morning and then trimmed the chicken. Also cut up a couple of habs and jalapenos for Dave and me. Put the whole shebang on soaked bamboo skewers and marinaded them in a teriyaki sauce of my own concoction. Threw the kebabs on the grill about four and basked in the sun on the deck.

The recipe follows:

STEP ONE: Buy expensive knives

STEP TWO: Cut up a shitload of Bell peppers

STEP THREE: Cut up four or five sweet onions. SWEET onions, y'all

STEP FOUR: Cut up some hot chilies for yourself

STEP FIVE: Cut chicken breasts into honking big hunks

STEP SIX: Put it all on bamboo skewers that you have soaked in water

STEP SEVEN: Marinade the whole shebang. I made up a garlic-teriyaki marinade for ours