Taco feast! We served up tacos with all the trimmings to 17 hungry people for dinner tonight. We also plowed through another 5 pounds of fresh shrimp (thanks, Chris and Hope for peeling them today). Mom Wyant’s brownies closed out the dinner for those who weren’t too stuffed by that point. Great food and great times together.

I really enjoy cooking when I’m on vacation. I travel with my own chef’s knives and the contents of our spice cupboard (no lie).

After supper, most everyone headed over to Mom and Dad’s for a family game night. Chris, Jeni and I stayed at the beach house with Bud the dog and just relaxed. OK, I sat on the deck and smoked a stogie, while marveling at the stars in the night sky over the beach. And updated my blogs and Facebook. And uploaded hundreds of pix to Flickr.