Our view from Section 213

Our view from Section 213, aka The Eagle's Nest

Allie and Jesse

Swarm fans represent!

Laurie, Jesse, Allie and I went to the Minnesota Timberwolves game Sunday evening to watch the locals play the Golden State (no longer Indian) Warriors. The Wolves eked out a victory in what can only be described as a defensive showdown (heh.)

The girls and I caught the first half of the National Lacrosse League AllStar Game with Minnesota Swarm players, cheerleaders and front office staff at Cork’s Irish Pub in St. Paul, then had to dash to Bloomington to meet Laurie and the rest of our group (@sank, brother Masons and families) and catch the train into Minneapolis. We had a blast, but missed the end of a hellaciously high-scoring NLL AllStar Game. Oh well.