Several members of the local native community (including me) were interviewed for this article in today’s MInnesota Daily. The writer, Lolla Mohammed Nur, did a fine job of capturing the complexities of the Thanksgiving holiday to American Indian people. And, if you want a clear picture of how far we still have to go as a society, read the bigoted, ignorant comments posted at the end of the article. Wow.

By the way, the photo above represents what most of us were taught about the first Thanksgiving. It’s missing its caption — the guy on the ground is obviously saying, “You call this frybread? Clarine Packineau makes the best frybread. This is hard as a rock. Mind if I take two?” Ayyyyyyyyy.

I’m offering a prize — my personal copy of Mark Twain’s “Letters from the Earth” in honor of his 175th birthday — to the person who posts the most historical inaccuracies from the photo in the comments below.