The Cherokee Nation is in the beginning stages of developing a Virtual Library of Cherokee Knowledge, a web-based system designed to provide Cherokee citizens and the general public access to a comprehensive digital space filled with authentic Cherokee knowledge related to the tribe’s history, language, traditions, culture and leaders. … The virtual library will include many of the tribe’s most noteworthy documents and materials from the 1830s till present day. Currently the tribe’s archives contain thousands of important papers, writings, manuscripts, books, photographs and artifacts that document the epic history of the Cherokee people but access is limited by the location, form and fragility of the items. This project will allow the tribe, through the consultation with professionals in the fields of digitization and historical documentation, to establish a leading database for all Cherokee cultural records to be placed in one centralized location for cultural preservation. Once online, the database will offer a critically important educational program to encourage cultural literacy and further develop technological capabilities of the Cherokee Nation and its citizens. … The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2011. For more information regarding the Virtual Library of Cherokee Knowledge please call 918-453-5254.

This will be a great resource for our children and their children’s children. Wado nigadv for making this happen.