Seven types of chiles went into my chicken wing sauce

We’re having several friends over tonight to watch the Vikings-Packers game on the big screen and I decided to whip up a batch of spicy wings for @garciasn and anyone else who wanted to feel the burn. I wanted to make my own sauce, using the bhut jolokia (ghost peppers) I bought a while back.

I wandered over to Cub and made my way through the chili section, looking for flavors that would complement the smokiness and bite of the ghosts. I grabbed a handful of habaneros, a bunch of Thai chilies, and some fat jalapenos to cool down the sauce. I also bought a large shallot, a massive head of garlic, three big mangoes and some orange-mango juice concentrate to use as the base of the sauce. Once I got home, I went through the cupboards and came up with some dried Pequin chilies, some ground Chimayo chili (a gift from my friend Yvonne, a wonderful SW cooking expert) and a bottle of Datil pepper extract to toss in, bringing us to seven types of chilies in the sauce, including eight — count ’em — eight ghost peppers. I used a blender to grind everything up, except the garlic and shallots, which I sauteed in a stick of butter. After everything was mixed and simmering, I did a taste test and added some honey to bring up the sweetness a bit. OMG (oh my ghosts), it was a bit spicy.

The simmering chilies made the air in our home toxic (I thought the DEA might burst in at any moment to bust up what they were convinced was a meth lab). Laurie and I were still coughing this morning, even after opening windows and running fans. The cats were staggering around in the kitchen like drunken sailors on liberty. Good stuff.

I marinaded half of the wings in the sauce overnight and reserved a bunch for cooking and dipping. I will be smoking the wings over applewood chips this afternoon on the Grillinator, rain or shine, and enjoying a few Summit EPAs while I work. (I promise there will be no cell phone photos of me in my Crocs).

We will be enjoying these wings with my homemade bleu cheese dressing and celery (as God intended), as well as chips and my homemade ghost pepper salsa. Go Vikes.

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