Pork ribs

Respect the pig

Ghostly ingredient

Thanks to a tip from my buddy Bill Roehl, I raced to Cub to buy fresh ghost peppers — at $3.99 a pint, they were a steal and really were as hot as promised by Bill’s taste test. You might recall, Bill and I traveled to the West Metro a few times last year to participate in ghost wing challenges at the Girvan Grille. Today, I decided to whip up some ghost barbecue sauce and slather it on some St. Louis style pork ribs that I had smoked slowly on the back deck. I think it goes without saying that this was a win all around. My stomach is now rebelling, but I had expected that. The price of admission and all that. We followed up the ribs with some dragon fruit I bought for Jesse. It was interesting, but fairly tasteless. Jesse pronounced it “cool and refreshing.”

Dragon fruit

Enter the dragon