This is winter about to bite us in the azz again

From WCCO:

After a hiatus for the traditionally-snowy months of March and even April, snow will be making a return to Minnesota Friday night and into Saturday.
WCCO-TV Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak said any snow in the Twin Cities would fall after dark on Friday evening. Until then, we can expect a cold rain.
People in the Twin Cities can expect a coating to up to an inch of snow by the time they wake up Saturday morning. Augustyniak said the snow will mostly accumulate in grassy areas, but probably won’t be enough to coat any roadways.
The snow could be a bit heavier in northern and central parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. People in those areas could see 1 to 3 inches of snow, again, mostly in grassy areas, Augustyniak said.

Dear Family:

We are moving to Cabo. That is all.


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