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We traveled to Bemidji State last weekend to enroll Katie in her fall classes and to go through orientation. We had a blast meeting Katie’s academic advisor who is also head of the Education Department, some of her new classmates and parents who were as nervous as we were. We also got a chance to tour Katie’s freshman dorm, Oak Hall, and to walk around campus on a gorgeous spring day. We knew it would be a great day when we were greeted by a bald eagle hovering just overhead as we parked on the shore of Lake Bemidji. Move-in day for freshmen is Aug. 20. We are not nearly ready. Here are some photos from our visit:

Katie at Bemidji State

Katie outside the gate at Bemidji State University

Katie and Dad

Katie and Dad outside the student union at Bemidji State

Katie and Mom

Katie and Mom outside Katie's new dorm

Katie and Dad at Lake Bemidji

Katie and Dad at Lake Bemidji

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