Mud bogging stadium

Wheeeeee, doggies

Just got back from 10 days on Bald Point in rural North Florida. No internet. No cell service. Just sand, suds, music and a bag of books. Weather was chilly and wet most of the week, but we squeezed in maximum sun time. Just rolled in a couple of hours ago from the 27-hour car ride back, so I’m just posting some photos today. We’ll get some vids up in the next day or so, along with more tales of witchcraft, scandal and derring-do.

Just to whet your appetite, I had to post the picture above from the car trip the guys took to Natural Bridge Battlefield. We were driving down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere and talking about all the bad horror movies we had seen that started out on little dirt roads like this one. Then we passed a pair of country guys who raised a can of beer to us in slow motion as we drove past. Around the next bend, we came upon the scene above: a mud bogging arena, if you could call it that, complete with old chairs, a gas grill and plenty of swampy land for maximum bogging. Can’t believe we missed the festivities. Maybe next year.