Katie and BSU check

Mo money, mo money, mo money...

This is Katie holding the first of many checks we will be sending to Bemidji State University over the next four years. This one reserves her spot in the freshman class this fall, where she plans to study elementary education. Very exciting times and we couldn’t be prouder. Katie will be a wonderful teacher.

Next step on our college odyssey is advisee and parent weekend at BSU. We’ll be heading up nort’ in a few weeks for parent orientation and a chance for Katie to meet her academic advisor and scope out her new campus. We’ll be posting pix and blogging from the road, so keep an eye out.

Note the special senior class party T-shirt Katie is sporting. Laurie designed the logo for the Eastview High parents who are planning the post-graduation all-night party. Laurie has been very active on the decoration committee with Jeni Terzich, our next-door neighbor.

Another view of T-shirt

Retro is in....