We had a great time on Sunday bowling with the Minnesota Swarm lacrosse team at Brunswick Bowl in Lakeville. Thanks to the Arlotta family for putting together such a great family event for season ticket holders and to the players and staff for making the day so much fun. We had free pizza and soda, played a bunch of games and got a chance to hang out with several players, especially No. 5, Josh Funk, who really went out of his way to make the girls’ day. He remembered them from the first two home games, at which the girls dressed up in Swarm gear and painted their faces. Our seats right next to the home penalty box give the girls plenty of time during the game to visit with Josh (grin). During a lull in the action, Josh came up to Jesse and Allie and asked them if they wanted to bowl with him, and big sister Katie joined in the fun. Jesse said that Josh is her new favorite player, at least while Travis Hill is injured. Katie won Josh’s game jersey in the silent auction and got him to autograph it. Jesse won a Travis Hill game jersey. I think all three girls had a good time with the Swarm. Thanks again, John and Andy, for putting together such a classy organization. And thanks to all of the players who really made the fans feel special today.