I can't see a freaking thing! I knew I should have wiped off my windshield! /Photo originally posted on Flickr by woodleywonderworks

From KARE-11 TV:

MINNEAPOLIS — Hellacious might be a good term to describe road conditions across Minnesota Thursday morning and afternoon. ‘Brutal’ would also be fitting.
Between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m the Minnesota State Patrol reported 413 property damage crashes(27 of them rollovers) and 62 personal injury crashes, none of them serious.
Safety officials were not immune to the fender bending, either. At least one State Trooper was hit on I-35 near Forest Lake, and two MnDot snowplows were also struck by commuters.
Troopers responded to 280 vehicles that left the roadway, mostly due to slippery conditions caused by fresh snow on glare ice. A MnDot spokesman called it “the worst winter driving day of the season.”

So we got that going for us … which is nice.