Jesse: Dad, don't you dare call him Taco...

We had a blast, as usual, at the Renaissance Festival over the weekend. Great people watching, food that’s a cut above county fair food and often-humorous entertainment. What more could you ask for? OK, how about tickets that cost less than $17? Jeez, that’s like slipping the guy a twenty at the entrance to the Burnsville Center food court. Oh, well, and yet we still go back each summer.

We took Jesse and her BFF, Allie, who had never been to RenFest before. Katie went Homecoming dress-shopping with friends and missed out on all the medieval fun. I think AP Euro wrecked the whole Renaissance experience for her…

Anyway, I tucked the Flip in my hip pocket and strolled around the grounds with the three girls. Below are some of the vids I shot.


Allie and Jesse ride their noble steed around Shakopee. And somewhere, John Prine was singing, “Sabu was sad, the whole tour stunk…”

Check out this monster bubble. I didn’t know that’s what the Renaissance was known for – that, and turkey legs and dill pickles.

In this vid, Allie and Jesse flip over the Renaissance, which, as Jesse tells us, gave her the worst wedgie of all time. For what it’s worth.