Wings on the grill

Wings on grill, courtesy of @garciasn ( / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Bill Roehl and I continued our training regimen today, preparing for next weekend’s Ghost Wing Challenge (10 wings, slathered in bhut jolokia (“ghost”) pepper sauce, in 15 minutes = free T-shirt. w00t!) Despairing of finding any wings even remotely hot enough here south of the river, we decided to make our own. Bill marinated three pounds of wings in Frank’s and some cut-up cayennes for several days to lay down a base. Then we smoked them on my new grill, with mesquite and hickory chips soaked in (cheap, undrinkable) beer. We basted them with Bill’s marinade to keep everything moist. The finishing touch was a bath in one of two sauces — Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce (Hotter formula) or Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit BBQ sauce. Each of these sauces was amended beforehand with five, fat diced habaneros (seeds and all) and allowed to percolate for about an hour. Both sauces tasted much better after the peppers were added. Devil’s Spit is usually my go-to BBQ sauce when I’m eating ribs because it has a little bit of a tang and good flavor. Bill’s wife, Kim, Katie and Laurie ate brats — the wings were too hot for them. Nephew Michael ate the wings and declared them the best he ever had. Not braggin’. Just sayin’. Were the wings good? Just look at the picture below that Bill snapped as I ate. I look like an extra on the set of “Dexter.”

The horror! The horror! by @garciasn.

The horror! The horror! by @garciasn ( / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)