bruise-part-2Saw my doctor today as scheduled to follow up on my scooter crash injuries. The bruising, as you can see from the embedded photo, is pretty bad, but “it’s all soft-tissue injury,” my Doc says, which I reckon is supposed to make me feel better. Unfortunately, I still can’t bend my right leg very far and have to hobble around on crutches, which means I’m not very mobile just yet. Doc says I should start to return to normalcy in another week to 10 days. I, OTOH, hope to be back in action much sooner. I will more than likely have to rely on the bus (driving is still out of the question because of my right leg injuries and the helpful pain pills they have me taking). And I will have to do things in small doses because I can’t sit in a chair for long periods — my leg and foot swell up on me. And it hurts. All in all, thankful to be alive, but ready to be done with crutches, pain pills and having someone else dress me in the morning.