vespa_gt200_image41Had an accident on Thursday with my Vespa (a car cut me off and braked suddenly — I dumped the bike in rush hour traffic on Robert Street in West St. Paul). Thank god for helmets and leather jackets/gloves — they saved my life (the face mask on my helmet was ripped off and the right side of the helmet scraped right down to the core). I’m one big bruise on my right side, have two jammed thumbs and a strained right wrist, a strained right shoulder and have to walk with crutches, but I’m alive and don’t have any broken bones. I go back in a week for an MRI to check for tears and strains after some of the swelling subsides. I’m not very mobile at the moment — it hurts like heck to move around, even with the crutches. The pain meds definitely help, but they make me a bit fuzzy. My hands are a bit messed up so typing is a chore, but wanted to let everyone know that it takes more than a bad accident to silence me. I’ll try to post some pics later of my messed up helmet — that would have been my head if I hadn’t been wearing one. I saved the broken helmet to show my daughters and the kids in the neighborhood. So, if you see an old guy limping around and looking dazed and confused, make sure you point me in the right direction before we part ways. And, hey: Let’s be careful out there. Wear your helmet every time you get on a two-wheeler.