6708The Minnesota Swarm open their season in Portland tonight against the spelling-challenged Lumberjax. So far, in the third quarter, the Swarm are up 8-6. Both teams look a little rocky, but that’s to be expected for the first game of the season.I’m watching the game online, using Laurie’s 30-inch Apple Cinema Display. Niiiiice.

A lot of new faces on the field for the Swarm, plus Croswell in the net instead of Nick Patterson, so it’s like watching the B squad in some ways. One plus: We get to see former Swarm goalie (and one-time favorite player of Jesse’s) Matt Disher in action again — he’s in the net for the Jax.

Looking forward to the home opener a week from tonight and the first game in our new seats on the glass at midfield. We also got four free tickets — the seats right behind ours — as a season-ticket-holder bonus and offered them to our neighbors, the Terzichs, who are also big Swarm fans. Should be a rockin’ time at the X on Saturday. Go Swarm!