Laab gai — It's tha (flavor) bomb

Laab gai — It's tha (flavor) bomb

Here’s what I’ll be having for supper tonight, if all goes according to plan. It’s called laab gai and it’s a spicy chicken and chili pepper dish from Thailand. The best laab gai I’ve ever tried comes from Taste of Thaiyai in Apple Valley, but I think I’ll be making my own this evening so I can keep my nose to the grindstone here at home. It’s pretty easy to make and great for the dieter, if you skip the sticky rice they normally serve with the dish. I’ll be having mine with a green salad.

If you want unbiased reviews of dining south of the river, check out Bill Roehl’s Lazy Lightning blog, which focuses on news and happenings in Apple Valley, Eagan, Rosemount and Burnsville. I don’t think Bill has been to Taste of Thaiyai yet, but I’ve taken his advice on a few other restaurants and have not been led astray.