White Christmas

Great White North

We definitely “enjoyed” a white Christmas this year. Seems like we’ve endured several inches of snow every day this month. We’ve had to shovel the driveway many times already … and I don’t like it. We have plenty of extra snow if any of you all want to drive up here with a cooler and take some home with you. We’ll even supply the shovels.

At left is a picture I took looking out from our dining room onto our deck, where the snow is a couple of feet deep in most places. We haven’t been able to get out to the grill to barbecue in weeks. Guess that’s a good thing because the temperatures have been well below zero (up to today, when it warmed right up).

But, since it’s warmed up so much, I think I’ll shovel out to the grill tomorrow and barbecue some country ribs. Mmmmmm. Nothing says “Minnesota Winter” quite like a plate of barbecued ribs.

For those of you who are curious, or who just get some kind of kick out of pointing at us and laughing, here is a handy weather widget to show you what our weather is like right now. Read it and laugh till you weep:

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