Yep, we’re live-blogging from Katie’s Sweet 16 birthday party, featuring 16 screaming teenage girls and two harried parents. We had the pizza and ice-cream cake and now the girls are downstairs watching chick flicks. Later, there’ll be popcorn and candy and boy talk and all-night giggling. Oh boy!

Unfortunately, we’re also under a tornado watch at the moment — the sirens are going off even as I type. We had bad thunderstorms yesterday, which knocked down a big maple in our neighbors’ yard (and into ours). Chris might be out there even now cutting up the trunk with a hand saw (he’s part Amish, I think). I’d help him, but I have to stay inside and watch for flying monkeys, little dogs and wicked witches….

Posted by Art
(who ate no cake or pizza — just some Thai laab gai. Click here for the recipe!)