It’s so hot here that the local Chamber of Commerce has actually changed the name of Apple Valley officially. The Chamber president is shown at right posing with the new city signs.

Yesterday, we hit a high of 99 degrees. And it’s still only May. It’s in the 90s again today, and I have to mow the lawn before Laurie gets back from New York. Stupid procrastinator….

The girls and I decided to spend the day in Wisconsin yesterday at Willow River State Park. It’s about a 30-minute drive from here. We brought a picnic lunch. They swam in one of the two lakes there. We hiked a couple of trails including one that went straight downhill to the bottom of the Willow Falls gorge, which was spectacular. But you know the problem with a trail that goes straight downhill, don’t you? When you hike back to the scorching hot car, the return trip is straight UPhill. Dang it was hot! Did I mention that already?

The central air has been running for about 72 hours straight now. Might as well open a vein and pay the gas company now. Wonder how much I could get for the cats on eBay?

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