Jesse sampling one of the meals. She liked it!

Jesse’s Girl Scout Troop spent an evening this week volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit organization based in neighboring Eagan. The organization packages simple, nutritious family meals (rice, soy, veggies and chicken flavoring) in pouches, seals them and ships the meals to any country where children are starving to death. The shipments we worked on are headed to the African country of Malawi. The meals feed six people one-cup servings of the rice. That’s all they get to eat for a day. Jesse was very moved by the experience and donated $14 in quarters to the effort. She even says she would like to have her next birthday party there, so that all of her friends can help package meals. Her troop and the parent volunteers packaged more than 4,000 meals in 90 minutes, or, as the organizer pointed out, fed 12 children for a full year.

Posted by Art