What global warming? We’re wrapping up the warmest January ever recorded in Minnesota. I even went to the store the other day in light sweatshirt (and no socks). We’ve only had to shovel the driveway two or three times this month — and most of the snow that’s fallen has now melted. Laurie says she doesn’t care if she doesn’t see another snowflake until Christmas.

Here’s what Mark Seeley, a climatologist at the University of Minnesota had to say about our unusual weather (read the whole thing here):

This January will undoubtedly be the warmest in the modern National Weather Service (post 1891) record statewide. Most communities are reporting a mean monthly temperature so far that is from 14 to 16 degrees F above normal. On a statewide basis we will end up with a mean monthly temperature around 25 degrees F, over 3 degrees F warmer than the record warm January of 1944 (21.7 F mean). … Most communities around the state reported at least one day with temperatures in the 40s F and many reported days with temperatures in the 50s F (we hit 54 two days ago — Art). Extremes ranged from -22 F at Embarrass on the 21st to 59 degrees F near Winona on the 26th.

Minnesota reported the lowest temperature in the nation’s lower 48
states only twice this month, and further many communities, including the Twin Cities have yet to see a reading below zero F. In fact, should we finish out the month that way, it will be only the third time in Twin Cities climate history without a January below zero F reading (the others in 1846 and 1990.

As America’s poet laureate Jimmy Buffett said, “The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful)….

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